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There are dysfunctional families… and then there are the Conways. After a family tragedy, 15-year-old Billy Conway has become the de facto glue between his bitter mom, distant brother, and stoic dad. But when Billy starts to act out, everything changes for him and his family.

Accidents Happen is a semi-quirky film revolving around the Conway family in the early 80’s. It tackles some serious subject matter along with a lot of dysfunctionality amongst the family, but does have some comedic moments sprinkled in. The narration and almost fantasy style introduction to the film sets the tone and does a pretty good job at intriguing the viewer. The film does feel slow at times as it progresses, but then something happens to reel the viewer back in. Some of the strangeness throughout the film also leads you to believe anything could happen.

The acting was fairly good, however the actor playing Billy obviously had an accent he was trying to mask, but it’d slip out randomly. It wasn’t a huge issue, but did take a little away from the movie. Geena Davis did a great job as the mother and showed partially why the Conway’s are how they are. Overall Accidents Happen was a good film with a few minor flaws, but I’d recommend checking it out if given the chance.

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My Rating: 6/10

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The brutal former heavyweight boxing champion Cleon “Slammin’” Salmon (Duncan), now owner of a Miami restaurant, institutes a competition to see which waiter can earn the most money in one night: the winner stands to gain $10,000, while the loser will endure a beating at the hands of the champ.

The Slammin Salmon is brought to you by The Broken Lizard gang (Super Troopers and Beerfest) and although it is not as good as either of the 2 previously mentioned films it does stand on its own as being pretty funny. Like their other movies you can expect The Slammin Salmon to be a wild and raunchy comedy, so fans of those types of movies should be pleased. Some parts of the movie feel similar to the older comedy Waiting, but for the most part they put their own spin on the restaurant world. There were also a few scenes that were terribly cliched, but they still managed to put a slight spin on it to keep it from getting dull.

Michael Clarke Duncan steals the show as “The Champ” and I’ve never realized he could be that funny. On the flip side the female actresses weren’t too funny and only seemed to setup jokes for other characters. The Broken Lizard group was funny as usual, but Jay Chandrasekhar had the funniest parts of the group. As with these types of movies the plot wasn’t too important, but they did a good job with mixing in the jokes amongst the main plot and many character sub plots. Overall The Slammin Salmon is a very good raunchy comedy and should please most fans.

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My Rating: 8/10

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