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Love presents many challenges to couples…but none so daunting as the one Justin faces with his girlfriend April. Kidnapped by demons, April’s mystery begins to unfold when he finds an ancient book that she has left behind. Using the book, he contacts the demon Lo, ordering it to help him rescue his girl from the fiery pits.

Lo takes a good concept for a film and then makes a not so good film from it. The apparent low budget could be forgiven, but the stage play setup and extremely cheesy parts sprinkled throughout the film take away from the experience. Fans of extremely cheesy films may disagree with me and may enjoy that aspect of it, but it definitely wasn’t for me. The character Lo was done pretty well and was my favorite part of the film, but on the flip side I totally hated the demon Jeez along with his corny song. Jeez should have been more scary than comical, since Lo was able to pull off the terrifying, yet funny at times role. The protagonist Justin was hit and miss, at times he reminded me of Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead, especially with some of the facial expressions, but other times he just overdid it.

The main problem with the film is it was very inconsistent and just when I started liking a part, they interrupted it with something stupid. With a bigger budget and some better editing it could have been good. Lo still had some redeeming value and some people may enjoy it, but it won’t be for everyone.

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My Rating: 4/10

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A crooked cop, a mob boss and the young girl they abuse are the denizens of a city’s criminal underworld. It’s a world that ordinary Arthur Poppington doesn’t understand and doesn’t belong in, but is committed to fighting when he changes into a vigilante super-hero of his own making, Defendor. With no power other than courage Defendor takes to the streets to protect the city’s innocents.

Defendor is advertised as a comedy and does indeed start out that way, but as the movie progresses the comedy slowly turns to drama until it reaches the point where it is too sad to have any comedic value. To save people from disappointment you should go in expecting a drama with some comedic elements. Woody Harrelson stars as Defendor and puts out a great performance throughout the whole film. Even with his great performance the rest of the film doesn’t add up to it. The plot was interesting, but cliche and predictable at some parts. It also stretches the imagination with many of the events that happen.

The main thing that I believe holds the movie back is the ending. I won’t spoil the ending, but as things progress in the story the movie feels like it has potential to be really good and then once everything happens you kind of feel ripped off. In a way the ending could be considered more realistic, but so many other things in the movie felt unrealistic that it doesn’t really go together. With all that said Defendor isn’t a terrible movie and if anything may be worth it to see just for Woody Harrelson’s performance. Just don’t expect a straight comedy.

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My Rating: 6/10

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