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Sam Bell has a three year contract to work for Lunar Industries. For the contract’s entire duration, he is the sole employee based at their lunar station. His primary job responsibility is to harvest and periodically rocket back to Earth supplies of helium-3, the current clean and abundant fuel used on Earth. There is no direct communication link available between the lunar station and Earth, so his only direct real-time interaction is with GERTY, the intelligent computer whose function is to attend to his day to day needs. With such little human contact and all of it indirect, he feels that three years is far too long to be so isolated; he knows he is beginning to hallucinate as the end of his three years approaches. All he wants is to return to Earth to be with his wife Tess and their infant daughter Eve, who was born just prior to his leaving for this job. With two weeks to go, he gets into an accident at one of the mechanical harvesters and is rendered unconscious. Injured, he awakens back at the station in the infirmary, he assumes assisted by GERTY. GERTY tells him that a rescue team named Eliza will come to the station to clean up the aftermath of the accident. After his recuperation, he takes an unauthorized trip back to the broken harvester, where he makes an unexpected discovery.

Moon is basically a 1 man show brought to you by Sam Rockwell. Fortunately for the sake of the movie Sam Rockwell did a very good job with his character. As the story develops you start to feel a lot of emotion for the character. Kevin Spacey adds to the element with the voice of GERTY and between his emoticons and voice adds more human than robot characteristics. In fact there are some points where you think GERTY is controlled by someone instead of being a program.

Moon brings several elements such as Sci-Fi, Drama and it’s a Thriller. There are times when the movie feels a little slow, but it picks up just in time with new discoveries to peak your interest. The story is creative and without spoiling it feels like this could happen in the future. The only complaint besides feeling a little slow at times was with the ending. The ending isn’t bad and does tie everything up, but it feels a little weak compared to the rest of the film. Overall Moon is a very solid film and worth checking out.

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My Rating: 7/10

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Moon Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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