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A psychologist hosts a group therapy session for teens who fear clowns. It’s the night her killer clown brother escapes the institution he’s been held in.

Scary clown movies have always intrigued me and the trailer looked decent for Clownstrophobia, but the film falls terribly flat. The story had some potential, but was a little off the wall and at times was confusing, but all that could have been forgiven if the clown was scary and the kills were good. My biggest complaint is that the poster with the clown on it looks creepy, but when you get the clown in the movie he isn’t very scary. When you see a movie about the “Fear of Clowns” you expect to see a creepy clown to project some of the fear to the viewer. The clown was weird, but not any creepier than your average slasher. Not to mention when he tortures some people I found myself laughing mostly when it probably shouldn’t have been funny.

The acting was terrible, so bad that I was laughing at half the things they said. For example calling the clown “Snuffles” was pretty hilarious and each time 1 of the characters used the name I couldn’t help but laugh. For fans of gore, the kill scenes were pretty anti-climatic and weren’t anything special. Clownstrophobia fell short in every aspect and I’d only recommend it to fans of hardcore cheesy movies.

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My Rating: 3/10

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Originally posted 2010-04-05 09:28:40.


PostHeaderIcon The House of the Devil Review

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houseofthedevilIn the 1980s, college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret; they plan to use her in a satanic ritual.

The House of the Devil is a good throwback to the 80’s and really does look like you were watching a movie in the 80’s. The plot also has lots of potential to be a nice horror flick, but the execution wasn’t as good as it could have been. The main problem is far too much build up and not enough payoff for the build up. Not to say it’s terrible, but they should have cut out about 10-15 minutes of the build up and used that towards the end with what happens. The acting was fairly good in the sense that they contributed to the 80’s feel of the film whether it was with cheesy 1 liners or the things they did.

The ending of the film left a lot to be desired. Without ruining the ending it felt quick and a cop out from creating something original. In fact if the ending was stronger I would have forgiven the slow build up since it would have paid off. Overall The House of the Devil isn’t terrible, and people who like 80’s horror films may enjoy it for being a throwback to those films. Still it is not without its faults and people may feel cheated when the end comes after sitting through the 75 minutes of build up prior to it.

House of the Devil Trailer

My Rating: 6/10

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Originally posted 2009-11-02 12:57:51.


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