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A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

Nazi zombies? What will they come up with next? Dead Snow is a Norwegian film which offers an English subbed or dubbed version. I happened to view the dubbed version which wasn’t too bad for a dubbing in general. The film itself starts off very cliche and goes through a lot of the normal things your standard “slasher” horror flick goes through with someone dying in the beginning, a group of young people getting together, a few cheap scares and an old guy who shows up to scare them. Once all this happens and the real action starts is when Dead Snow starts to shine. Instead of just constantly running from the Nazi zombies the characters do fight back a little and the action is pretty good.

The movie has a few cheap scares, but it is more gory than scary. Any fans of gore should be delighted as there are a few cool kill scenes. The Nazi zombies themselves look just like a Nazi zombie would probably look and instead of being just mindless zombies they had a little more depth to them which made it more interesting. As with the trend with a lot of horror movies today, there is dark comedy aspects to it in-between all the killing. Overall Dead Snow was an average, but entertaining movie. If the beginning wasn’t so cliche and the real action started sooner it would have gotten a higher score.

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My Rating: 5/10

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Vince is depressed following his divorce, and so to cheer him up, six of his friends decide to take him on a trip to a remote village for a boys weekend. However when they arrive, they find the whole village overrun by psychotic, homicidal women affected by an airborne virus them that turns them into man-hating cannibals. After the guys’ minibus driver goes crazy, they are left stranded in the countryside with only a group of man-eaters for company.

Doghouse is an addition to the comedy/horror genre and will probably be most compared to Shaun of the Dead since it deals with comedy, zombies and from the UK. It doesn’t quite live up to Shaun of the Dead if you were wondering, but the movie in itself wasn’t too bad. The comedy aspect provided some laughs and didn’t go overboard too much. Some of the characters were more likable than others, but that was probably by design. The horror aspect of the movie was hit and miss since some of the zombies looked pretty gross, but others were kind of dumb however that might be because they were intertwining it with some comedy. There was some decent gore, but you can tell they held back a little with the potentials.

As you read the review you probably can tell the average tone from it and that just about sums up the movie. It wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t too great either and throughout the film it was always hit and miss with things. I was a little disappointed with the ending because it started off with cool potential, but when the credits started to roll it left a little to be desired. I’d recommend the movie to fans of comedy/horror or zombie movies in general since it does have some things you will enjoy, but don’t expect to be blown away.

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My Score: 6/10

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