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An American law student in London. Knocked down by a black cab, she wakes with amnesia in a world that’s a million miles from home – Wonderland. We follow her adventures as she’s dragged through an underworld filled with twisted individuals and the lowest low-lifers, by the enigmatic cab driver, Whitey. She needs to find out who she is, where she’s from and use what wits she has left to get back home in one piece.

Malice in Wonderland brings an interesting twist to the Alice in Wonderland story. To avoid confusion, Malice in Wonderland is a much darker tale and as Alice delves through the world of Wonderland she will come across lots of drugs, pimps, prostitutes, gangsters and more. However amongst these characters you will find variations of many of the recognizable Alice in Wonderland characters such as White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, and so on. As the story progresses it feels pretty wild and at times it seems to go off on a tangent to interrupt the flow of them, but doesn’t go too far off to lose the viewer.

The visuals are fairly impressive and let the viewer see some of the craziness Alice is seeing. It also does a good job of mixing colors with darkness to reiterate the theme. The acting was decent and Maggie Grace made a pretty good Alice and I liked Danny Dyer as Whitey (AKA White Rabbit). Some of the characters such as the “Queen” of hearts were a little over the top. Overall Malice in Wonderland was entertaining and the added depth to Alice’s character helped it from being just a dark version of Alice in Wonderland.

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My Rating: 7/10

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Nemo Nobody leads an ordinary existence at his wife’s side, Elise, and their 3 children until the day when reality skids and he wakes up as an old man in the year 2092. At 117, Mr. Nobody is both the oldest man in the world and the last mortal of a new mankind where nobody dies anymore. But that doesn’t seem to interest or bother him very much. The only questions that preoccupy him in the present is whether he lived the right life for himself, loved the woman whom he was supposed to love, and had the children whom he was meant to have… now his purpose is to find the right answer.

Mr Nobody is one of those rare films that can suck the viewer into its world. As you watch Mr Nobody and the various events you might not fully understand at the time the meaning of everything you see, but you will remain intrigued and as the movie progresses it starts to make more sense. There are quite a few things left up to interpretation, but the film should keep you thinking about it once the ending credits begin. The cinematography is amazing and a lot of care and detail was put into the movie.

Jared Leto gave an amazing performance as Nemo Nobody and the surrounding cast fit right into place. The story is told beautifully, and without giving away any big spoilers there is a lot that happens and a lot that doesn’t happen. It is very rare for me to give a movie a 10/10 rating, but I feel Mr Nobody deserves it as I could not really find any flaws. Some may argue the ending isn’t as strong as it could be, but I found it to be very fitting. If given the chance you should see Mr Nobody and drawn into his world.

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My Rating: 10/10

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